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To ensure that your chimney is understood by your chimney sweep, it is important that your chimney sweep is local to Bessemer. This will ensure that your chimney sweep will be able to provide you with the best service!

Our customers have become more than that; they are now like family, and we treat them as such!

At Chimney Repair Birmingham, we strive to provide a quality service with excellent craftsmanship to ensure a great end result.

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Our goal is to provide high-quality service to our customers that will establish loyalty and trust. Our first-class team is trained and experts in the field of fireplace repair. We’re clean and considerate about protecting your property and home. We’ll call ahead with expected arrival times or delays and provide before-and-after photos of our work.

Why Have Your Chimney Swept?

Most people that own a fireplace are aware of the problems creosote can cause such as causing a chimney fire, but many people are not aware of the silent killer, carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is the number one cause of poisoning in the United States and most of these poisonings are caused by a dirty fireplace, creosote, soot and gas all have the by-product of carbon monoxide, and is deadly because it is odorless, tasteless and undetectable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Sweeping Take?

The process of a sweep can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half. This will depend on the size of your house, how many stories your home is, how dirty your fireplace is, and if the homeowner has prepared the area before the arrival of the sweep. It’s always helpful if the homeowner makes sure that the fireplace is easily accessible by moving any furniture and decor out of the way, and cleaning the mantel of any knick-knacks, pictures or items that may be on there.

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

The role of a chimney sweep is to clean chimneys, smoke ducts, fireplaces and flue pipes in order to prevent gas emissions into your home and to prevent chimney fires caused by soot or creosote buildup. In addition a chimney sweep has knowledge and skills regarding fire prevention work and follows specific guidelines and procedures  After cleaning your fireplace your chimney sweep should also perform an inspection this will determine whether or not your fireplace is safe to burn in.

Does Damage Occur While Sweeping?

We have a clean guarantee, we will not make a mess of your house or furniture. We use industrial tarps to cover items and we use a HEPA certified ash vacuum to clean out any soot and ash from your fireplace and chimney. We use equipment that will help us avoid causing damage to your roof and gutters, such as stabilizers and goats. We understand that your home is your castle and do everything we can to keep it as pristine as we found it. You are our number one priority, and we make sure you feel that way by us caring for your home, as well as your health.

Quality Service

We have been in business for over thirty years. We have chimney sweeps that have been with us for over ten years. Our knowledge of chimney cleaning, inspecting and repair is far greater than most chimney companies in the country. We provide the fastest response time of the industry, and many times can provide same day service. We are bonded, licensed and insured. Our sweeps are subject to, not only going through a rigorous training program, but are continually learning new codes, techniques and requirements that are ever changing in this industry.

Call us today and ensure you’re getting the absolute best and unmatched quality service your chimney deserves.

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